13 April 2009

Fraud Watch: Reef International, Sialkot, Pakistan

A few days ago, Mr. Bruce Morrison from Alabama, USA informed me about a trade fraud involving his company, KYM Industries Inc and the seller in Pakistan, Reef International.

According to Morrison, he came across Reef International on the internet and interested to purchase some quantity of leather glove. He was assured by the Reef International that the goods will be shipped to him upon receipt of 30% upfront payment. Without suspecting any dishonesty, Morrison remitted the payment in USD via Telegraphic transfer to the seller in Pakistan.

He was shocked to find out that the 125 cartons of leather glove which he paid for were not in the container. The container is empty. Morrison tried to contact Reef International to get further clarification, but failed to speak with anyone from the Reef International.

The transport document used in this trade is a multimodal transport document. However, I believe that the document is also forged as there are few important data not indicated such as the place of taking charge and freight charges.

Please avoid from dealing with this company. For your information, here are details of the company:

Reef International

P.O. Box 2094 Sialkot Mailing Address
Along With Muslim League Office
Amin Abad Road, Sialkot, Pakistan
Production Unit – B.2 Sector Korongi Ind Area, Karachi.

Tel Numbers:
92 52 8101 732
92 52 8105 469

92 52 3258 302

92 300 616 5600
92 334 800 8118



Other information:
Export number 006583
NTN number 19-06-TR-7219

The information above is extracted from the invoice sent to me by Morrison. I believe some information may be fabricated by the seller.

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