06 February 2008

SWIFT Format: Field 44C (Latest Date of Shipment)

Field 44C (Latest date of shipment) is also another optional field. This field may or may not present. If it does not present, the shipment must be made within the validity of the LC.

If this field present, the shipment must be made within the date indicated in this field. The date indicated in this field is the limit within which the shipment must be made by the seller. This date should not exceed the expiry date of the LC.

Evidence of shipment is indicated in the transport documents like multimodal/combined transport document, Bill of Lading, Non-Negotiable Sea Waybill, Charter Party Bill of Lading, Air Transport Document, Road, Rail or Inland Waterway Document, Courier Receipt, Post Receipt or Certificate of Posting.

The date indicated on those documents is deemed to be the date of shipment and it should be within the date indicated in field 44C.

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