11 February 2008

SWIFT Format: Field 47A

Field 47A (Additional conditions) is also another optional field. This field is normally used by issuing bank or the buyer to lay down other important instructions and requirements.

This is where issuing bank indicates among others, discrepancy fee is charged for the account of the seller should there is any discrepancy in the presentation. Buyer may make use of this field to provide instructions to the seller to request additional performance for example, to fax Bill of Lading, invoice or other performance deemed necessary. But bear in mind, all these additional performance must be accompanied by a simple written confirmation to certify that such performance has been discharged and the written confirmation must be submitted to the bank to form a presentation.

To illustrate this, assuming the additional condition is worded as follow:

‘…Seller is to fax a copy of Bill of Lading upon shipment to buyer at 603-56784535. A certificate to this effect is required for negotiation’

In this case, first, the seller must fax a copy of B/L to the buyer upon shipment of the goods. Secondly, the seller must also prepare a certificate or written confirmation (letterhead) addressed to the buyer to confirm that the B/L has been faxed. This ‘certificate’ or written confirmation must also be submitted to the bank.

Other than this, buyer may also include requirements such as appointment of transport, inspection of goods, conditions for delivery or other additional performance. All these performance must be accompanied with a written confirmation.

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