20 February 2008

SWIFT Format: Field 49

Field 49 (Confirmation instruction) is a mandatory field. This field must present in every LC issued. This field contains instruction regarding confirmation of the LC where it must contain one of the following codes:

1. CONFIRM – The receiver is requested to confirm the LC
2. MAY ADD – The receiver may add its confirmation to the LC
3. WITHOUT – The receiver is not requested to confirm the LC

However, if a bank (receiver) which is authorized or requested by the issuing bank to confirm the LC (CONFIRM) is not prepared to do so, it must inform the issuing bank and may advise the LC to the beneficiary without confirmation.

When the field is indicated by the code ‘MAY ADD’, the receiver may or may not add its confirmation. Should the receiving bank wishes to add its confirmation, it must also inform the issuing bank prior to adding its confirmation and advise the same to the beneficiary.

When the code “WITHOUT’ is indicated and the receiving bank wishes to add its confirmation at the request of the beneficiary, it must also notify the issuing bank to obtain approval before adding its confirmation.

When confirmation is added to the LC, the confirming bank is acting as a second issuing bank in the country of the seller.

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